Open Interviews: Dec. 5 and Dec. 8
WJHSD is holding open interviews (Dec. 5, 4-6 pm & Dec. 8, 5:30-8 pm) for inspiring & qualified teaching candidates and invites you, or someone you may know, to participate in this exciting opportunity to join our team. We offer competitive compensation rates for certified teachers, as well as substitute candidates with a bachelor’s degree.  Contact Assistant Superintendent Dr. Matthew Patterson for more information at [email protected].
Voice Recognition

Dignity & Respect Campaign

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect

The “Dignity & Respect Campaign” focuses on introducing staff and students to behaviors that help to create an environment of dignity, respect, and engagement to promote inclusion through behavioral and organizational change. The program started at UPMC, as the founding sponsor, in November 2008 and is now in more than 100 organizations, schools, and communities. Our staff and students work together to explore and implement the Seven Pillars of Dignity and Respect through purposeful discussions and planned events in our school buildings. 

Join WJHSD and take the Dignity & Respect pledge today! Click here to take the pledge.  Wristbands are available at the schools for everyone who takes the pledge.

Student Videos Promoting Dignity & Respect