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Welcome to the West Jefferson Hills School District Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment page. The Assistant Superintendents work with teachers and administrators to maximize the instructional process to help students achieve and grow in all of our classrooms. The District’s goal is that all students will be able to show at least one year's academic growth for one year of instruction.

The West Jefferson Hills School District is a data-driven instructional model based on pre- and post-assessment of students, sharing clear and explicit learning targets with students, formatively assessing students, and second-chance learning.  The District’s resources for instruction and assessment have been piloted based on research with proven success rates and stories.

Resources and Links:

Social-Emotional Learning

Second Step (Grades K-8)


Eureka (Grades K-8)   

Zearn (Grades K-8)  

Study Island (Grades K-8) 

Reflex Math (Grades 1-5)

ALEKS (Grades 6-12)

REVEAL (Grades 9-12)  


Amplify CKLA (Grades K-5)

Amplify ELA (Grades 6-8) 

Pathblazer (Grades K-2)

Study Island (Grades K-8)



Students in grade K-8 are assessed using NWEA MAP three times a year in Math and Reading.  Students in grades 3-8 are assessed in Science.  NWEA MAP is given to students certain subjects/classes in grades 9-12. The results from this assessment help teachers and principals to determine the effectiveness of the curriculum as well as to identify areas of intervention and enrichment.


Pennsylvania Core Standards



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