JHIS Suggested School Supply List 2022-23
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Our Community

Our Community

West Jefferson Hills is a public school district about eight miles south of metropolitan Pittsburgh. The district, comprised of three communities–West Elizabeth, Jefferson Hills and Pleasant Hills–is approximately 20 square miles featuring lush countryside that borders the Monongahela River. The area is a showcase of family friendly amenities with an arboretum, state-of-the-art libraries and recreation facilities that feature swimming pools, roller hockey rinks and a number of well-equipped parks.

District officials enjoy a strong working relationship with representatives from each borough. Safety and emergency services within each are provided by a staff of dedicated police officers, volunteer fire fighters, and emergency personnel.The West Jefferson Hills Historical Society provides an authoritative link to the past, which has recaptured a number of memories to celebrate.

All community members aged 65 and over, or retired due to disability (regardless of age) are entitled to receive a Gold Card for free admittance to all school-sponsored events. To receive a Gold Card, simply stop by the administration building and fill out a quick form, or click here for a form, fill out and drop off at the administration building. All it takes is a few minutes and you will receive your card immediately. Now you can begin to enjoy all home, regular-season sporting events, band and choral concerts, musical productions, and plays free of charge!

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