Voice Recognition

Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent Goals and Evaluation

The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent were evaluated on or about October 1, 2023 and both met the agreed-to objective performance standards.


Superintendent’s Objective Performance Standards:

  1. Successful numerical rating results or key performance indicators, as established by the Board, on the annual Superintendent Evaluation Form in the following domains: Relationship with the Board, Educational Leadership, Business and Finance, Student Responsibilities, Staff and Community Relationships, Community Relationships, and Personal Qualities.
  2. Overall student achievement results sustained or improved on measures including the following assessments: SAT, PSAT, PSSA, and Keystone Exams.
  3. Successful performance evidence related to the following: Annual Board Goals, Annual Superintendent Goals, District Strategic Plan Goals, and External Awards, and Honors earned by the District. 

Assistant Superintendent’s Objective Performance Standards:

  1. Student Growth and Achievement
  2. Organizational Leadership
  3. District Operations and Financial Management
  4. Communication and Community Relations
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Safe and Caring Environment
  7. Professionalism