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Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our students and staff is the West Jefferson Hills School District’s top priority. Positive behavior standards along with mindfulness and a social and emotional wellness curriculum are complemented by our school police officers and school resource officer to maximize student and staff safety.

School Police

Improvements and enhancements to the WJHSD Safety and Security Plan led to the establishment of the West Jefferson Hills School Police Department in 2017. Presently, the District employs four school police officers and maintains its relationship and contracts with the Pleasant Hills Police Department for a School Resource Officer.  

All WJHSD Officers are certified by the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission. The Officers also have received additional training from the National Association of School Resources Officers; the A.L.I.C.E. Institute; the D.A.R.E. Association; the Student Assistance Program; along with other school-related training. 

The District also employs the services of two security officers who are primarily stationed at Thomas Jefferson High School.      

Officer Brian Peters
School Police Officer
Thomas Jefferson High School
[email protected]
412-655-8610  ext. 6319

Officer Kristin Mitrisin
School Resource Officer
Pleasant Hills Middle School
[email protected]t
412-655-8680  ext.7249

Officer Marlin Foulds
School Police Officer
Jefferson Hills Intermediate School
[email protected]
412-655-8680 ext.7249

Officer Lauren Porupsky
School Police Officer
Gill Hall Elementary School
[email protected]
412-655-4732  ext.5386

Officer Mike Farrell
School Police Officer
McClellan Elementary School
[email protected]

To reach all of the School District’s School Police Officers, you can email: [email protected].

Safe2Say Something

Safe2Say Something logo

Launched on January 14, 2019, Safe2Say Something is an anonymous reporting system used by Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts in coordination with local law enforcement and the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General. This program teaches students, teachers, and administrators how to recognize the warning signs and signals, especially within social media, from individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others and ‘Say Something’ to a trusted adult OR use its anonymous reporting system. Click here to view a one-page overview of the program.

Parent Alerts and Notifications

WJHSD is using SchoolMessenger to communicate with parents via email, SMS messages and phone calls. These communications include emergency and basic district-wide information. The District asks that parents please log into their Skyward Family Access portal and update their contact information with accurate phone numbers and email addresses to ensure proper notification.

In order to receive the SMS communications one will need to have their mobile phone number entered in the "Mobile" and/or "Primary" sections of their Skyward Parent Portal Contact page. After a 24 to 48 hour period, SchoolMessenger will import those mobile numbers into their system. At that time a parent may follow the instructions below to opt-in or opt-out of SMS messaging.

Text "Yes" to 67587 to opt-in to receive SMS messages.

Text "STOP" to any message to opt-out of receiving SMS messages.

Click here to view the flyer:

Please visit the Skyward Family Access web portal and update your Primary Phone and Mobile Phone numbers to ensure proper notification.

Visitor and Volunteer Check-in Procedures

The West Jefferson Hills School District uses the Raptor Visitor Management System to manage the visitors entering a School Building.  All visitors are asked to provide a photo identification card or a driver’s license to the Staff member working in the Main Office or in the check-in window. The staff member will process the identification card/driver’s license through the Raptor Visitor Management System to check the identification and produce a visitor’s pass. The visitor’s pass is to be displayed the entire time the visitor is in the School Building and can be returned to the Main Office upon departure.

The Raptor Visitor Management System:

  • Tracks when and why visitors enter a School Building

  • Scans visitor driver licenses

  • Performs an instant nationwide sex offender search.

  • Tracks parent/guardians who have authority to pick up students

  • Prints visitor ID badges

  • Prints substitute teacher ID badges

Emergency Response

The safety and welfare of students is our primary concern. Our Emergency Operations Plan provides for response to all types of emergencies. The School District staff will be working with the local first responders to determine the best course of action to be taken, depending on the circumstances of the emergency, The School District may use one of the following procedures in responding to a situation, we will use one of the following protective responses.

Type of Protective Response

  • LockDown: This is an immediate response to an active threat on the safety and security of the staff and students within a school. 

  • Evacuation: If evacuation of the school building and adjacent property by the staff and students is required due to an existing emergency,the staff and students may be taken to another location outside of the endangered area. The School District’s reunification procedures will be implemented at this time. 

  • Shelter-In place:  Staff and students may be required to stay inside their classroom and/or school building due to impending bad weather; a hazardous materials incident; or a community based incident that requires taking cover inside the building. 

  • Modified operation: May include cancellation/postponement or rescheduling of normal activities. These actions are normally taken in case of a winter storm or building problems that make it unsafe for students (such as utility disruptions) but may be necessary in a variety of situations.

We ask that you refrain from calling the school during the emergency. This will keep telephone lines open so that campus administrators will be able to make emergency calls and relay information to the media. Please stay alerted by following District communication channels such as SchoolMessenger, district website and social media as well as local media outlets. 

Additionally, if your residence is in a danger area and the school is not, your children will be cared for in their regular school location until the danger has subsided, or until you or your authorized designee can reach the school.

Please watch WTAE, KDKA, and WPXI, or the School District’s website and communication channels for announcements relating to any of the emergency actions listed above. Additionally, when there is a delay, cancellation, or early dismissal, parents and guardians will receive a phone call from the district’s school messaging system, and an announcement will be placed on the district’s web site at  Please note that during a power outage it may not be possible to place an announcement on the website.

The media will advise you when and where to report to regain custody of students. This will avoid traffic congestion that may interfere with the response of emergency vehicles and threaten the safety of students and staff.


You will need to do the following when reporting to the designated student reunification location:

  • Produce a photo ID to verify that you are an authorized person designated at the beginning of the school year to pick up the student.

  • Be prepared to sign the School District’s student release form.

During registration and returning student registration, you should identify the persons designated to pick up your student. Please ensure that only those persons you listed attempt to pick up your student.

In the event your student has a personal means of transportation at school at the time of the emergency or evacuation, your consent was given during registration and/or returning student registration.

We specifically urge you not to telephone the school or attempt to make different arrangements during an event. This action will only create additional confusion and divert staff from their assigned emergency duties.

All instructions will be provided to the media for dissemination. Should the media be unable to operate because of power loss, etc., a route alerting system will be activated in your area.

Emergency conditions may also require that the school will need to be closed for a period of time. In that event, students may be required to complete assignments at home or at another location. You will be informed via the news media or neighborhood alerting system of procedures to be followed.

In order to assure the safety of our students and staff, and in an effort to ensure the continuity of the educational process, we ask for your understanding and cooperation. Should you have additional questions regarding our emergency operating procedures, contact your building principal or the school police officer. 

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