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Article: JHIS Students Advance to State and National Levels in Reflections Program

JHIS Students Advance to State and National Levels in Reflections Program

JHIS Students in Spotlight for Artistic Entries 

Through PTA ‘Reflections’ Program

Congratulations to the JHIS students whose artistic entries appeared at the regional, state and national levels for the 2019-2020 PTA “Reflections” program!

Top winners from the JHIS program earlier this year advanced to the council and regional evaluations. From there, 14 entries received regional recognition, eight advanced to states, two placed at states, and one will advance to nationals representing the West Jefferson Hills School District.  

The Pennsylvania PTA Arts in Education Committee recently held a virtual ceremony to honor the winners of the state level competition, including two JHIS students. Danielle Parsons won a first place state award in the Intermediate Literature Division and will advance to nationals; and Natalie Sear who won a third place state award in the Intermediate Dance Division.

This year’s “Reflections” theme, “Look Within,” challenged students to express their inner creativity in the following categories: Dance, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts (2D and 3D).  The national PTA board has already announced the theme for next year’s program: “I Matter Because…” Students may begin working on entries based on the new theme at any time. All rules and guidelines are online: www.pta.org/home/programs/reflections.

Once again, congratulations to all of the JHIS students who advanced to various levels of the “Reflections” program and represented the WJHS district on the regional, state, and national stage! 

Regional Awards (*1st -3rd place advanced to states)

Visual Arts (2D/3D)

  • *Ava Elizabeth Sorley – 3rd Place ; “A Tour of Me”

  • Danielle Parsons – Honorable Mention; “Stained Glass Love”


  • *Natalie Sear – 1st Place; “Girl on Fire”

  • *Ava Flood – 3rd Place; “Be Yourself”

  • Stella Piper – 4th Place; “Dear Kyra, Love Stella”


  • Alex Lauver – 4th Place; “Where the Music Happens”

  • Landon Theiss – 5th Place; “Frame of Life”

  • Brooke Corey – Honorable Mention; “This is Me”

Music Composition

  • *Alex Lauver – 2nd Place; “High Jump”

  • *TJ. Dworek – 3rd Place; “Finding Myself”

Film Production

  • *Michael Fischer – 2nd Place; “I Heart Kindness”


  • *Hanna Schmeltz – 1st Place; “Puzzle Pieces”

  • *Danielle Parsons – 3rd Place; “The Look Within Factory”

  • Ava Elizabeth Sorley – Honorable Mention; “A Handful of Me”

State Awards (*1st place advanced to nationals)


  • Natalie Sear – 3rd Place; “Girl on Fire”


  • *Danielle Parsons – 1st Place ; “The Look Within Factory”

National Awards TBA in May