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Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching! The West Jefferson Hills School District recognizes the importance and service substitutes provide to our students to continue their learning every day!  This page provides resources for current and future substitute teachers.

Informational Resources: 
Substitute Qualifications and Rates

The daily rate of pay for substitute teachers is based upon an applicant's certification and educational qualifications. Official transcripts and/or proof of certification determine qualifications. The current rates are:
  • Pennsylvania Teaching Certification
    • Daily Rate: $110.00 per day
  •  Bachelor degree with Pennsylvania Emergency Certification
    • Daily Rate: $100.00 per day
All applicants must:
1. Complete the substitute application (see application process below)
2. Participate in an interview with administrative staff
3. Provide clearances and background checks as per Pennsylvania Law
4. Provide a completed school health record and TB test results

Non-Certificated applicants must also complete the following in addition the above requirements:
5. Complete the pre-application training requirements (see pre-application process below)

Pre-Application Process

Non-Certified Substitute Applicants

The West Jefferson Hills School District utilizes the Substitute Teacher Training Program designed by Utah State University Substitute Teaching Institute and delivered by STEDI.org. This training program is a required part of the substitute application process. Substitute applicants are required to complete the SubEssential: Introductory Training™ and SubSkills Online Training Course™ and pass the SubAssessment™ with a composite score of 85% or greater.

There is a cost associated with this training and will be the responsibility of the applicant. Payment may be made online by credit card, check, or money order.  The training fee provides the applicant online access for one year to:

1. The 25-minute SubEssential Introductory Training™ video and procedures for which substitutes will be held accountable.
2. SubSkills Online Training Course™ and materials
3. A variety of downloadable forms, reports, and over 75 activities that can be used in the classrooms
4. The online SubAssessment™ which is designed to "assess" or evaluate how well the material has been mastered.

The training may only be taken over the internet and includes 6-10 hours of interactive SubEssentials™ and SubSkills™ training. If you prefer not to study at a computer, you may purchase a handbook for an additional cost. It takes an average of thirty minutes to complete each of the five SubAssessment™ sections. Candidates may take each SubAssessment™ a maximum of four times, to obtain a passing score of at least 85%.

Once training is complete, applicants should print or save a copy of the SubDiploma™ for their records. You will need to attach a copy to the completed Substitute Application. To access the online training, go to www.stedi.org. Select "Shop" in the top menu bar then select "Purchase Courses."

Application Process

To begin the application process, click on the link at the bottom of the page which will direct you to the West Jefferson Hills Application portal. You will click on Substitutes under the vacancy heading. From list of available positions, select either Substitute Teacher (Certificated) or Substitute Teacher (Bachelor). The system will lead you through the application. Be prepared to attach a copy of your SubDiploma™ , or your current Valid Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate and clearances, to the application. Your attachment must be in a .PDF, .RTF, .PXT, or .HTM format.

Post-Application Process

Following approval at the next scheduled School Board meeting, you will receive an email confirming your hiring and links to complete the New Hire paperwork. Please use your legal name (as it appears on your social security card) for all electronic signatures.

Instructions for Completing Clearances

Volunteer Clearances CANNOT be accepted for employment.
  1. Request for Criminal History Record Check
  • Log onto https://epatch.state.pa.us then click on Record Check, then click New Record Check.
  • Follow directions on website for applying.
  • Remember to select “Employment” as the purpose for the clearance.
  • Print certification form.
  • Please bring the original to the building administrator for copying and filing.
      2.  Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
  • Log onto https://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS
  • Follow the steps to create a Keystone ID. 
  • Once you receive your Keystone ID, return to https://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS and click on INDIVIDUAL LOGIN.
  • After logging into the site, follow the directions to complete the application.
  • Remember to select “Employment” as the purpose for the clearance.
  • When you are notified that your application is complete, please print out a copy.
  • Please bring the original to the building administrator for copying and filing.