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Student Work Permit Form

Under the new child labor law, work permits will apply to minors age 14 through 17 and can be used for more than one employer. Under certain restrictions, caddies may be employed at the age of 12, new carriers at 11 years of age. In the event that a student needs a work permit, a parent/guardian must come to the high school office to sign a work permit application, and bring the student's birth certificate, learners permit, drivers license, passport or baptismal certificate. Then the student, in the presence of the issuing officer, will sign the blue work permit which he keeps and the employer will make a copy of. If you have any questions regarding work permits, call Thomas Jefferson High School at 412-655-8610 x 6326.  

For further information regarding the Pennsylvania Child Labor Law, you can visit this link from the Department of Education’s website.