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K-2 iPad How To Videos

K-2 iPad How To Videos

Thanks to the feedback on the survey and conversations with teachers, we've come up with a number of "How to" videos that we thought might be helpful as you are trying to navigate Google Classroom on your iPads. Most of the videos are under 3 minutes with the exception of a few that I felt needed a little more thorough step-by-step directions.  We've tried to cover all of the issues that have come up over the past few weeks - and as new ones arise we will create new videos.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to your classroom teacher or principal.

1- How to "Mark as done"-https://youtu.be/MShf-ydGAME 


2- How to answer a question on Google Classroom-https://youtu.be/z23zqPR1gco 


3- How to edit a document and submit it-https://youtu.be/N_2xQv1VvCw 


4- How to take a picture and submit it-https://youtu.be/wsT5am6mdRs 


5- How to take a video and submit it-https://youtu.be/HPp8XocBMIo 


6- How to join a live Google Meet session-https://youtu.be/bPxXkYwhST4 


7- How to check the "to do" list to see what is due and what is done-https://youtu.be/A-apR6ALVb0 


8-How to edit a PDF and submit it.-https://youtu.be/vLdXoiOkWuY 


9. How to edit a Google Slide and submit it.-https://youtu.be/g-19tpD0gbE 


10. How to check for private comments from the teacher on an assignment.-https://youtu.be/ufliwk83QuA 


11. How to send a private comment to the teacher about an assignment.-https://youtu.be/PuG49pUorOI