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K-2 Counseling Department


The mission of the West Jefferson Hills School District counseling program is to provide developmental and systematic support to each and every student to ensure their academic, career, personal, and social development and achievement. West Jefferson Hills School District counseling programs are proactive and preventative. They enhance learning by assisting students to acquire critical skills for lifelong learning and success. They strive to achieve professional standards and models for best practice in the field.

Counseling programs provide an array of interventions and support for students. These are delivered collaboratively with school staff, families, and members of the community to provide seamless transitions to each student's next steps. The program assists in the educational, career, and personal/social growth and community involvement of each student. The ultimate goal of the program is that each student from the West Jefferson Hills School District will graduate with the personal, academic, and career-related skills and knowledge to be able to make self-directed, realistic, and responsible decisions in an increasingly complex world.


West Jefferson Hills School District believes that our guidance and counseling program is an essential and integral part of our district's educational program. We understand that guidance and counseling is vital for our students to achieve personalized, relevant learning and to develop meaningful educational plans while in school and beyond. We believe that the academic, career, personal-social, and community involvement skills and knowledge that students need for success in schools and in life are attainable when guidance and counseling is provided in a consistent and developmental way for each and every student. We acknowledge that guidance and counseling is not a service offered by one person or department but a program coordinated with all educators in a building and articulated between buildings. We recognize that the program can involve parents and the broader community and content must be integrated into the curriculum.

Elementary Counseling Services

Our School Counselors are ready and eager to assist you in your endeavors throughout elementary school. The functions of the counselor are unique to each student's needs. However, the primary goals of counseling and guidance at Gill Hall & McClellan Elementary Schools are designed to meet the developmental needs of all students in the educational system so they can achieve their maximum potential. Here are just some of the services and activities provded:
  • Short-term, goal directed counseling for individual students
  • Coordination & facilitation of skills groups
  • Triage and refer students to possible outside services
  • Career & work readiness education
  • Coordination & facilitation of building SAP services & MTSS 
  • Facilitation of 504 meetings & distribution of plans
  • Teacher consultation
  • Parent communication
  • Crisis management as needed
  • Coordinate with district and out-of-district supports

Why Elementary School Counselors? 

Gill Hall and McClellan School Counselor Contact Information

Erin Englert, McClellan

McClellan: 412-655-2700 x3297
[email protected]

Twitter: @WJHSD_esCounslr

Colleen Triffanoff, Gill Hall

Gill Hall: 412-655-4732 x5288