Voice Recognition

Studio Art

The Studio Art Class at the middle school focuses on the self-portrait with the artistry of oil paints. Students participate in a real artist’s studio learning how to set up a personal workspace using their easel, canvas and oil paints daily. Students will begin to design a rough draft self-portrait and then transfer that design to their canvas.  The end result being the creation of a self-portrait in their own personal style, in oil on canvas. 

Style is reinforced as an element, which emerges naturally from each student’s unique personality or life experiences. Students critique their own, as well as a classmate’s work. For the remainder of the course, students will study self-portraiture on “Google Arts and Culture” and the work and lives of Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Chuck Close, while creating still-life drawings in eight different mediums. 

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