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Athletic Handbook

Pleasant Hills Middle School Athletic Handbook

The Interscholastic Athletic Program at Pleasant Hills Middle School is an integral part of the total school program and is designed to help our students become better citizens.

While academics has always been the primary focus of our school system, we believe that participation in athletics provides many opportunities, training, and experiences not available in the classroom.

Participation in athletics is entirely voluntary. All students are encouraged to participate, but no one is ever required to do so. Since participation is voluntary, any student who desires to participate must be prepared to follow all rules and regulations governing athletics. Those not willing to comply will not be permitted to participate.

Pleasant Hills Middle School is a member of the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (W.P.I.A.L.), the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (P.I.A.A.), and the South Hills Area School District Association (SHASDA). WPIAL, SHASDA., and PIAA rules must be followed in all cases of eligibility, transfer, physical examinations, insurance coverage, starting dates, use of school equipment, etc. You are required to remove, sign, and submit the bottom half of the last page verifying that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules and regulations governing participation in the athletic program at Pleasant Hills Middle School.

The following are rules and procedures as well as standards of conduct and athletic achievement with which one should be familiar. Many of these rules and regulations have been set by WPIAL, PIAA, and SHASDA. Failure to comply may cause the loss of eligibility to participate. It is important that you be aware of the requirements. Please read them and share them with your parents.


To participate on a middle school team (grades 7-8), you must not have reached your 15th birthday by June 30th immediately preceding the school year. To participate on a junior high team (grades 7-9 or 9th only) you must not have reached your 16th birthday by the June 30th immediately preceding the school year.


To be eligible for an interscholastic sport you must be an amateur in that sport. You will lose your amateur status in a sport for at least one year if

  1. you or your school or an organization which you represent, or your parent or guardian, receives money or property for or related to your athletic ability performance, participation, or services.
  2. you accept compensation for teaching, training, or coaching a sport. You may receive normal and customary compensation for acting as an instructor in or officiating recreational activities, or for serving as a lifeguard at swimming areas.

You may receive awards only from your school, the sponsor of an athletic event, the news media, or a non-profit organization approved by your school principal.


Any athlete who is treated by a physician for an injury or illness during a sports season must return the physician's release form indicating the doctor's wishes with regard to continued practice or competition. The forms are available from the middle school nurse.


Athletes must travel to and from away contests in transportation provided by the school district. Situations may occur where, through no attempt to circumvent this rule, an athlete must be driven by a parent. This is acceptable, provided the parent notifies the principal or the coach in advance to explain the circumstances. Athletes may be permitted to ride home from away contests with their parents provided the plan is approved by the coach. Failure to abide by these rules will result in loss of game privileges and/or removal from the team.


You are responsible for all equipment issued including uniforms and practice clothing. You will be expected to return that equipment/uniforms at the end of the season. You will be required to pay replacement costs for any items that you do not return or which you return showing excessive wear or abuse. Issued equipment is not to be used for any activity outside of the practices and competitions. You are not to use athletic equipment/clothing for gym classes, or wear them to school or at home, or for participation on teams outside -of school.

Within one week after the close of a season, the coach and/or equipment manager will collect uniforms. Failure to return uniforms at this time will result in the following:

1. written notice to athlete as to what is owed and the dollar value.

2. letter to parent/guardian telling what is owed and the dollar value.

3. withholding of awards until uniform obligation is met.

Students shall not be permitted to participate in another sport until they have met equipment/uniform obligations for a sport in which they have previously participated.

If lockers are available for use during the athletic season, please lock your equipment in the locker. If you need a lock, please see your coach or the athletic equipment manager.


  • A student must be in school by the beginning of the fourth period (10:42) on the day of a contest in order to participate in the contest or practice session. A student may not practice if he/she is absent from school the day of practice. Also, a student on suspension or detention is not eligible to practice or play on the days of a suspension/detention.
  • A student who has been absent from school during a semester for a total of 20 or more school days will not be eligible to participate in any athletic contest until he/she has been in attendance for a total of 60 days following his/her 20th day of absence. The exception is a consecutive absence of 5 or more school days due to confining illness, injury, or quarantine. Attendance at summer school does not count toward 60 days (PIAA Rule).
  • Class cuts--any student athlete guilty of cutting class will be dealt with in the same manner as a non-athlete cutting class. The school policy will prevail.

    When traveling to different schools with an athletic team, you represent the community and Pleasant Hills Middle School. The way you look and dress reflect on all of us and, as such, you are expected to wear clothes that are clean and appropriate. Coaches have the right to set more specific standards than outlined above and are expected to require appropriate clothing.


    No athlete may quit one sport and participate in another after the season has begun without the mutual consent of both coaches.


    Under no circumstances will initiation and/or hazing of any student athlete be permitted. Any student involved in hazing or initiation of another student will be dismissed from the team and appropriately dealt with under the West Jefferson Hills School District discipline policy.


    In order to be eligible for interscholastic athletics and cheerleading, a student must have passed at least (4) full credit core subjects during the previous grading period or is passing (4) full credit core subjects during the grading period. Back work may be made up providing it is in accordance with the regular rules of the school.

    In cases where a student's work in any preceding grading period or during the grade period does not meet the standards above, said student shall be ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletics or cheerleading for fifteen (15) school days of the next grading period or in the case of the latter, five (5) school days.

    At the end of the school year, the student's final grades in his/her subjects shall be used to determine his/her eligibility for the next grading period.

    Students must be passing physical education in order to participate in middle school athletic events, including practice sessions. Students who have a medical excuse not to participate in physical education are not eligible to participate in athletic events or practice sessions.

    The approved grading scale of the West Jefferson Hills School District will be used in determining academic eligibility. An "I" grade and/or an "F" grade will be considered not passing.

    The athletic director/principal will inform the player and the coach if an athlete is ineligible to participate in any athletic event.


    The possession, use, furnishing, or transmission of narcotics, stimulant drugs, alcoholic beverages, steroids, tobacco, or other unauthorized substances by athletic program participants is prohibited.

    The school district discipline policy will be applied where there is an infraction dealing with the above.


    This handbook is intended to inform athletes and parents of rules and regulations governing our interscholastic program. This handbook is not all inclusive. There are many rules and regulations that are not included and, of course, each coach has a right to make reasonable rules that are more stringent than those listed here.

    Please do not hesitate to contact your coach or athletic director/principal for any questions or clarification of a rule regarding your participation in our athletic program.

    We hope you enjoy your participation in the athletic program at Pleasant Hills Middle School. We are proud of our Wildcat teams. Please remember one thing--what you do reflects upon your family, school, and community. DO YOUR BEST.