Voice Recognition


Pleasant Hills Middle School
Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Chorus

Course Objectives:  Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade chorus are designed as sequential steps in the musical development of our students between elementary chorus and high school choir. During the course of the year our students are exposed to a number of musical styles. In the course of rehearsals, specific emphasis is made on proper vocal technique as well as the fundamentals of musicianship.

Rehearsal Times:  All chorus groups rehearse on A, C, and E days. Chorus students should be in their seats ready to start two minutes after the late bell.  Students are responsible for having a folder for their chorus music.  Students are also responsible for taking proper care of the music and materials that they are provided.

Concerts:  Chorus is a graded class. If you are participating in an ensemble it is imperative that you attend our concerts. A concert is a representation of class work. Evening concert dates are given to students in the beginning of the school year so that conflicts may be resolved in a timely manner. Each chorus will participate in two concerts this year, one in December and one in May. All concerts will be held at the new TJ Theater. Concerts begin at 7:00PM (report time is 6:30PM). If a student is missing a concert due to an educational vacation it is the responsibility of the student to inform their director one week prior to the absence to be excused from the concert.

*There will be occasions where the 8th grade chorus is invited to sing with the TJHS Choir such as the Kennywood Lights special Holiday Performance which usually takes place during a Friday evening in December. Exact dates and times will be communicated to the students and posted in Google Classroom.

Concert Dress:  Concert attire for chorus members is black bottom with white top. Girls may wear dress pants, or skirts.

Grading:  Students are graded using straight percentage on points earned during rehearsals and concerts.  Each rehearsal is worth 10 points, and concerts / special performances are worth 50 points.

As we progress through the year I look forward to seeing the musical growth of all of our students. If at any time you have questions or comments, please call me at (412) 655-8680 or email me at [email protected].

Thank you, and I look forward to having your children in chorus this year!  See you at our concerts!!

Ms. Connie Testa

*There will be occasions where the 8th grade chorus is invited to sing with the TJHS Choir such as the Kennywood Lights special Holiday performance which