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Redfin Scholarship

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This $2,500 scholarship is a way for Redfin to help one student on his or her journey through higher education.

Ready to Succeed Scholarship

For the first time this school year, a Ready to Succeed Scholarship Program will be available for college students attending private and public schools in Pennsylvania. The state has allocated $5 million in the budget for the merit-based scholarship, and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) will be administering the program.

To qualify, students must have completed at least one academic year - defined as having earned at least 24 semester credits - have at least a 3.25 GPA and family income cannot exceed $110,000. Students who receive needs-based scholarships are eligible as well. A full-time student can receive up to $2,000 and part-time students can get up to $1,000. The minimum award is $500. The scholarship can be used toward tuition, books, living expenses, fees or supplies.

PHEAA will forward the colleges and universities a roster of students who qualify for the grants based on income, and it will be up to the schools to certify a student’s academic eligibility. Colleges are able to start nominating students now and applications will need to be submitted by September 15th. The state will notify students between mid-October and November if they have received an award.

There is no limit for how many students a school can nominate and awards will be given out on a first come, first served basis. In Pennsylvania, with nearly 700,000 college students, PHEAA estimates tens of thousands of students will qualify for these grants, but expects about 3,600 students will actually receive an award based on the low state allocation for this program.

Students should be doing everything possible to lower their college debt and I am pleased the Commonwealth has introduced another resource for those looking to continue their education after high school. Oftentimes, middle income students do not qualify for state grants because there are other students in more financially desperate situations. The Ready to Succeed Scholarships offer these middle income students a new opportunity for financial freedom.

To learn more about if you are eligible for one of these scholarships or how to apply, please contact your college or university’s Financial Aid Office.

Pittsburgh Foundation

The Pittsburgh Foundation has a tremendous website that serves as a portal for a large number of scholarships offered to Allegheny county residents. This site is HIGHLY recommended. Create an account and see which scholarships are available to you and apply right through the website.
When you create an account you will see a list of scholarships available to you.

ROTC Scholarships

ROTC Scholarships are awarded to students through either the Army, Air Force, or Navy.  Students receive full-tuition scholarships in exchange for an 8 year committment (4 of which during college) to a specific branch. Certain schools and programs are eligible for ROTC scholarships.
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be between the ages of 17 and 26
  • Have a high school GPA of at least 2.50
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Score a minimum of 1000 on the SAT (math/verbal) or 19 on the ACT (excluding the required writing test scores)
  • Meet physical standards
  • Agree to accept a commission and serve in the Army on Active Duty or in a Reserve Component (Army Reserve or Army National Guard)

College Board Opportunity Scholarship

CollegeBoard is offering opportunity scholarships. Learn more here: https://opportunity.collegeboard.org/ The more effort you put in, the more opportunities you have to earn a scholarship. Complete all six, and you’re eligible to earn $40,000. Scholarships will be awarded through monthly drawings to students who complete each action
  1. 1. Build Your College List: $500

    Get started by exploring colleges you're interested in. 

    Learn More
  2. 2. Practice for the SAT: $1,000

    Use Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® to get ready for test day. 

    Learn More
  3. 3. Improve Your Score: $2,000

    Show how practice pays off by improving your SAT score. 

    Learn More
  4. 4. Strengthen Your College List: $500

    Make sure your college list has a mix of academic safety, fit, and reach schools. 

    Learn More
  5. 5. Complete the FAFSA: $1,000

    Fill out the free government form to apply for financial aid. 

    Learn More
  6. 6. Apply to Colleges: $1,000

    Apply to the schools you want to attend. 

    Learn More

    7. Complete Your Journey: $40,000

    Complete all six scholarship steps to be eligible for a $40,000 scholarship. 

    Learn More

Hines Ward Positive High School Athlete Award

We are excited to announce that nominations for Hines Ward's Positive High School Athlete Awards are now open for the 2020-2021 program, and scholarships are available to Western PA high school student athletes.  In the Spring of 2021, student-athletes and coaches representing 28 different sports will be awarded the title of "Most Positive" at the Heinz History Center by Hines and other current and former local professional athletes.   Nominated students are eligible to win Positive Athlete awards and corporately funded scholarship.    
Scholarships are given to student-athletes grades 9-12 who have overcome difficult circumstances,  have given back to their schools or communities, or just have an infectious positive attitude.  All Positive Athlete nominees may put that designation on their college and employment resumes, which are of great interest to many area businesses and higher learning institutions.  Information is available at positive athlete nominee

Horatio Alger Scholarship

Seniors who have financial need and have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity are invited to view the information on the 2020Horatio Alger Association Scholarship Program.   The scholarships are given to deserving students and range in award from $7,000 to $25,000.  If you are interested, please check out the scholarship binder or On-line applications are due by April 15  Horatio Alger

Firevest Scholarships

The Allegheny County Fire Volunteer Education, Service and Training Scholarship Program (FireVest) will again be accepting applications for 200 full scholarships for an associates degree or certificate program at CCAC.   Applicants must be a current member in good standing of an eligible volunteer fire company.  Application  is available atfirevest-application.pdf Annual application deadlines are November 15 (spring) term and May 15 (fall term).

Big Sun Scholarship

The Big Sun Scholarship is offering a scholarship to help young athletes in their academic pursuits.  The successful candidate must be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute and currently involved in some sport.   The individual award is $500. A 500 -1000 word short essay is required answering the following questions," How did your participation in sports  during your high school years influence you?" and " Has  your participation influenced your career goals?" Click on the link http://www.bigsunathletics.com/ .   The deadline is June 19, 2021.

PMAHCC Foundation Scholarship Program

The Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation is offering scholarships in the amount of $1,000 to $2,000.  Students must have at least one parent or grandparent of Hispanic ancestry, demonstrate financial need, have a minimum GPA of 3.0,  be accepted into a post-high school educational institution, and write an essay.


At this time the Committee still plans to review the applications in June. Keep in mind that this may change. We will try to keep you informed of any changes. You may also check our website for more information. 

Applications:  http://pmahcc.org/Scholarship-ProgramDeadline for application is April13, 2021.http://pmahcc.org/Scholarship-Program

The Pearce Law Firm - Aspiring Pennsylvania Attorneys Scholarship

The Pearce Law Firm - Aspiring Pennsylvania Attorneys Scholarship is open to high school students in the State of PA who have been accepted to a college or university and have aspirations of attending law school after college.   The Scholarship is a one-time award worth $1,500 .  Applications  must be submitted, in full, by May 31, 2021, online.   A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.   Information is available in the Scholarship Binder in the Guidance Office or at http://thepearcelawfirm.com/aspiring-scholarship

Vocational Training for Girls Fund (The Pittsburgh Foundation)

This is a scholarship through the Pittsburgh Foundation for vocational training for female students who demonstrate financial need who reside in Allegheny County through the Pittsburgh Foundation.   Qualified females who plan to attend an accredited vocational or technical trade school or Robert Morris University or Point Park University may apply.   Information is available at https://pittsburghfoundation.org/scholarship/1128   The deadline for application is March 31, 2021.

B. Davis Scholarship

Information has been received for the B. Davis Scholarship.   This is a $1,000 scholarship for high school juniors and seniors as well as students currently registered in any post secondary institution.   Applicants must write an essay of less than 1,000 words on this topic. "Describe the three characteristics of leadership that you value most.  Discuss why you believe that these traits are so important and how  y ou feel that they are developed in an individual."   For more information, click on a link  at http://www.studentawardsearch.com/scholarships.htm    The deadline for application is May 22, 2021.

PA Burglar and Fire Alarm Association Scholarship-ESA Youth scholarship program

The PBFAA/ESA Youth Scholarship Program is designed to recognize the achievement of worthwhile students who are children of active duty law enforcement and fire service personnel.   The State award is $1,000 and the National Award is $7,500 for first place.   Applications are available in the Scholarship Binder in the Guidance Department or at http://esaweb.org/ysapplyPA  The deadline for applications is May 14, 2021.

PA American Water Stream of Learning Scholarship

PA American Water 's Stream of Learning Scholarship worth $1,000 is available for seniors who reside in the company's service area (ten scholarships).  Students must plan a course of study in environmental science, biology, chemistry or engineering at a two or four-year college or technical school.  Students must write a short essay, include a letter of recommendation and a high school transcript.   Applicant's accumulative Quality Point Average at the end of the first semester of the senior year must be 3.0 or greater.  Stream of learning click to link for more information on the scholarship application.  applications also available in counseling office
The deadline for postmarked application is April 2, 2021.

The Albert Breisinger Scholarship Award

 The Albert Breisinger Scholarship is now available to seniors who reside in the West Jefferson Hills School District, who plan to pursue a career in Allied Health, Protective Service and/or Social Service occupations, and who will be attending a two or four year college, Nursing School and/or professional school offering bonafied programs in these career areas.  The recipient will receive $300 per school year up to a maximum of four years.   Annual renewal of the Scholarship will be based on evidence of continued enrollment and satisfactory performance.   This scholarship is based on scholarship, leadership, community involvement and Career Aspirations.   Applications are available from Mr. Kilcoyne in the Guidance Office or aAlbertBreisingerAwardScholarship.pdf.A deadline of Tuesday, April 27  has been determined.  

Pittsburgh Italian Scholarship Fund

Information has been received for the Pittsburgh Italian Scholarship Fund.   Scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $16,000 to be paid at $4,000 per year to students of Italian heritage.   The awards are renewable at $2,000 a semester provided the student maintains a 3.0 QPA.   Information is available at PISF_Student_Application.pdf  Applications are available in the Scholarship Binder in the Counseling office or by clicking the link.  BONUS the "Matching Funds Scholarship Program" has been established to increase the scholarship amount to the awardees.  The following colleges and universities participate in the program:
Carlow University            Chatham College             Duquesne University                   LaRoche College
University of Pittsburgh    Saint Vincent College      Seton Hill University                     Saint Vincent College
Carnegie Mellon University  Washington & Jefferson College   Robert Morris University  Point Park University
California University of Pa.  Saint Francis of Loretto

Student-View Scholarship Program

The 2019 Student-View Scholarship Program is offering $12,000 worth of scholarships to high school seniors who plan to attend a four year college, community college or career school.   Information is available on the scholarship website or at http://www.student-view.com/ScholarshipWmap.html  Deadline for application is April 22, 2021.

Landmarks Scholarship Award

The Landmarks Scholarship Award is now available.   The recipient of the award will receive $1,500 the first year, and the scholarship is renewable with a maximum grant of $6,000.   Seniors with a GPA of 3.25 or higher, who have been accepted at a college or university, live in Allegheny County and are interested in the history, architecture and/or landscape design of Allegheny County may apply.  Applications are available in the Scholarship Binder in the Guidance Office or at  https://phlf.org/education-department/scholarships/
The deadline for application is April 21, 2021.

G. Kenneth Crawford and Margaret B. Crawford Memorial Scholarship Fund

The G. Kenneth Crawford and Margaret B. Crawford Memorial Scholarship awards scholarships for post-secondary education of students who have graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School.   The scholarship is for one year only but students may "reapply" for subsequent years in which they are a full-time student.   Applications are available from Mr. Kilcoyne in the Counseling Office or download:   You can write neatly on the application instead of typing on it. Click on link Crawford Memorial Scholarship Application 2021 - 

The deadline for submission to Mr. Kilcoyne is April 23, 2021.   Recommendation letters must be originals.

Tzu Chi Scholars 2020

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is offering  $1,000 Scholarships to seniors with financial need,  have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and who will enroll full-time in college in the Fall.  Applications are available in the Scholarship Binder in the Guidance Office and district website at https://tzuchi.us/scholarships  The deadline for application is March 13, 2021.

Southwest PASBO Scholarship

The PA Association of School Business Officials (PASBO) if offering a $2,500 scholarship. The awarding of all scholarships will be based upon academic merit, extracurricular activities, and leadership qualities.   The application packet is available from Mr. Kilcoyne in the Counseling Department or at pasbo.pdf     All completed applications are to be returned to Mr. Kilcoyne in the Guidance Office by Monday April 19, 2021 for further consideration.

The Kenneth G. Langfitt Memorial Scholarship

We are excited to present, on behalf of The Langfitt Family, a scholarship specific to Thomas Jefferson High School Students.  The Kenneth G. Langfitt Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to one Thomas Jefferson High School senior in the form of a one-time $5,000 check made payable to the winner’s post-secondary school.

The Langfitt Memorial Scholarship is to be awarded to a student who personifies the values of the late Kenneth G. Langfitt and his family. The scholarship committee is seeking a student in good standing who is able to describe his/her passion and how that passion will be accomplished in the future. The successful applicant should be planning to pursue post-secondary education. The winner will be a student that otherwise might not be awarded a scholarship but through their current work ethic, active participation in extracurricular activities and desire to make a positive impact on the world proves to be deserving of an award.  

Applications are available from Mr. Kilcoyne in the Guidance Office or use this application: KGL Memorial Scholarship Application 2021 and must be turned into Mr. Kilcoyne no later than April 2nd. Interviews for selected finalists will be required and date will be announced.

Pennsylvania Land Surveyor Scholarship

The Pennsylvania Land Surveyor's Foundation is pleased to announce it's scholarship program for this year.   This scholarship is for students intending to pursue, or who are currently pursuing, an education in surveying with an ultimate goal of becoming practicing Professional Land Surveyors.  The applicant must be enrolled in or be accepted in either a two-year or four-year ABET Accredited Program in Surveying.   The dollar amount will be based on the amount of funds available based on investments and donations.  The application is available on the Scholarship Website or at https://www.psls.org/scholarship/  The deadline for applications is April 1st., 2021

The Three Rivers Desk and Derrick Scholarship Program

The Three Rivers Desk and Derrick Scholarship Program is awarding two $500 Scholarships to students seeking to further their education by either enrolling in a college or university in an energy-related discipline or enrolling in an accredited Trade or Vocational Institution which offers industry-related training and skills.   Application information is available on the Scholarship Website or at  3 Rivers Desk and Derrick Club Scholarship Program.pdf   The deadline for application is June 30, 2021.

TJ Arts Founders' Award

The TJ Arts Foundation is again sponsoring the TJ Arts Founders' Award this year.   This $500 award is conferred upon a most deserving Senior ITS (International Thespian Society) student who has been a leader in the performing arts at TJHS.   The application is available online at http://www.tj-arts.org/founders-award/  Applications and all attachments are to be completed and submitted online by
monday,April 12,2021

The Kathy Cecotti Memorial Scholarship (TJ Arts)

This $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a TJ Theatre student who best emulates the qualities that Kathy Cecotti fostered in her students.    This scholarship was created in loving memory of a beloved theatre teacher who taught at Thomas Jefferson High School from 1994 until 2009.   She was a teacher who created optimism in all that she did.  Applications and all attachments are to be completed and submitted online at http://www.tj-arts.org/kathy-cecotti-memorial-scholarship/ by Monday, April 12th. 

Matteo Music Scholarship (TJ Arts)

This $1,000 music scholarship was created by Joseph P. Matteo in 2014 to honor the Matteo Family.  It is administered by TJ Arts.   The scholarship will be awarded to a Senior who intends to pursue some aspect of music in college, and has a minimum GPA of 2.8.  It is administered by TJ Arts.   The application and all attachments are to be completed and submitted online at http://www.tj-arts.org/matteo-music-scholarship/ by April 27th

TJ Arts Scholarship

The TJ Arts Scholarship ($1,000) will be awarded to a senior who intends to pursue the creative or performing arts in college.   The student must have a minimum GPA of 2.8.  Applications and all attachments are to be completed and submitted online at http://www.tj-arts.org/tj-arts-scholarship/ by April 12, 2021. 

NROTC Scholarship

The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) offers a $180,000 Scholarship opportunity.   For more information, see the scholarship binder in the Guidance Office or at http://www.nrotc.navy.mil/scholarships.aspx

The John J. and Martha A. Hucko Scholarship Fund

The John J. and Martha A. Hucko Scholarship Fund is available for Seniors attending Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.   Students must be accepted to Duquesne University, have and maintain a GPA of 3.25 and demonstrate financial need.   The scholarship is valued at $3,000 per year and can be renewed for an additional three years if a GPA of 3.25 is maintained.   The deadline for application is March 31, 2021.   https://filecabinet5.eschoolview.com/578D9548-B069-4F1A-A6B8-94360F1A70EB/John and Martha Hucko ApplicationGuidelines.pdf

The Elaine Sirkin Forbes Scholarship Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation

 The Elaine Sirkin Forbes Scholarship Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation is now open for Seniors pursuing a two or four year college degree in the visual, performance or media arts.   Students must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, demonstrate financial need and submit an essay.   Please apply at https://pittsburghfoundation.org/scholarship/10263 by March 31, 2021.

Edward Z. and Florence G. Bartolomeo Memorial Scholarship

Seniors who are planning to attend either a two-year or four-year college or university and intend to major in business or education are encouraged to apply for the Edward Z. and Florence G. Bartolomeo Memorial Scholarship. Applications are now open for this $1,500 financial reward. Learn more and apply online by April 16.
This scholarship is in memory of Edward Z. and Florence G. Bartolomeo by their family.   The recipient will receive an award worth $1,500 to be distributed during the winner's freshman year. This scholarship is limited to Thomas Jefferson High School Students.
Applications will open on Monday, February 22nd.   The deadline to apply is April 16th. Selected finalists will interview with Mr. Bartolmeo as part of the decision process. The application will be available through this website:

State Farm Companies Foundation Scholarship

Juniors This scholarship focuses  and recognizes academically talented legal dependents of eligbile State Farm associates (employee, agent or retiree). The scholarship award is $5,000 per year up to four years of college. the State Farm associate must complete and submit the entry form by March 31, 2021.  Student must take the PSAT/NMSQT in the fall of junior year at the school.  The National Merit Scholarship Corporation will select the winners.   Apply at https://www.statefarm.com/retirees/foundation-scholarship-program

The Bernie Matthews Opportunity Foundation Scholarship

The Bernie Matthews Opportunity Foundation is pleased to announce a new scholarship for seniors in the amount of $4,000 ($1,000 per academic year for four years).   This scholarship is for a student who has demonstrated integrity, perseverance in overcoming adversity or other difficult life circumstances, strength of character, financial need, a good academic record, commitment to pursue a college education and a desire to contribute to society.   The deadline is April 15, 2021 Applications are available in the scholarship binder and at  http://www.berniematthewsopportunityfoundation.org/

AFSA National High School Essay Contest

The American Foreign Service Association's National High School Essay Contest is now open.  This essay contest open to 9th through 12th grade students.  The 1,000 to 1, 250 word essay will be to "identify a situation where diplomats worked on a peace building  initiative with partners from the country/ region in question, nongovernmental organizations and other parts of the US government and then go on to analyze what characteristics and approaches made the enterprise a success."    The winner will receive a $2,500 cash prize, along with his/her parents an all expense paid two-day trip to Washington, D.C., and a full tuition paid voyage with Semester at Sea.   The deadline is April 5, 2021.   See http://www.afsa.org/essay-contest for more information.

Westinghouse Women in Nuclear (W-WIN) Scholarship

Through its Women's in Nuclear (WIN) Chapter, Westinghouse Electric Company is offering a $2,500 Scholarship to a female high school student who intends to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in engineering, mathematics or physical sciences at an accredited college or university. .   Applications are due by March 31, 2021. W-WIN 2021 Scholarship Application.pdf 

Eric Holzworth Memorial Scholarship

The Eric Holzworth Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship. The winner of this scholarship will be a TJ student athlete.   Applicants will be asked to submit 1 letter of recommendation from a coach and 1 letter of recommendation from a teacher.   Applications are available on the scholarship website.   The deadline to apply has been extended to Friday, May 8th, 2020.   https://sites.google.com/a/wjhsd.net/eric-holzworth-memorial-scholarship/

The Harry A. Anton Memorial Scholarship

The Harry A. Anton Memorial Scholarship will be a $500 scholarship.   In order to apply students must be planning to pursue a health-related career field and must maintain at least a 3.0 QPA.   Applications are available at the scholarship website.   The deadline to apply is April 9th.   https://sites.google.com/a/wjhsd.net/harry-a-anton-memorial-scholarship/

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship

Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants are offering a $1,000 Scholarship for Juniors and Seniors on the following topic:   Describe your educational career and life goals.  Explain your plan for achieving these goals.   Include your degree/major, why you selected it, and how this degree/major will help you achieve your goals.  The essay should be between 500 and 1000 words and be sent by email at scholarships at abbotandfenner.com.  Visit the scholarship  website for the direct link.  Deadline is June 12, 2021.  .http://www.abbottandfenner.com/scholarships.php

Epilepsy Association of Western PA Scholarships

 Information has been received from the Epilepsy Foundation regarding their 2020 scholarship.   Seniors continuing their education at a post-secondary academic or vocational program after graduation that have a diagnosis of epilepsy or a seizure disorder are invited to visit the scholarship binder or the website at  Information has been received from the Epilepsy Foundation regarding their 2020 scholarship.   Seniors continuing their education at a post-secondary academic or vocational program after graduation that have a diagnosis of epilepsy or a seizure disorder are invited to visit the scholarship binder or the website at http://www.eawcp.org/programs/ProgramsScholarship.xml.. Deadline is April 1, 2021

The Irene S. and Harry Louik College Scholarship Fund

Seniors who are involved in some way with the performing arts and are planning on attending two or four years at an accredited school and have a GPA of 3.0  are invited to view the information on the Irene S. and Harry Louik College Scholarship Fund of the The Pittsburgh Foundation online at
http://www.pittsburghfoundation.org/scholarship/2189   The deadline for application is March 31, 2021.Whatever the amount it will be renewable .

The Louise Salinger Academy of Fashion Fund

Seniors interested in pursuing a career in Fashion Design are invited to review the information for the Louise Salinger Academy of Fashion Fund $3,000 scholarship (The Pittsburgh Foundation) at http://pittsburghfoundation.org/scholarship/1867 
 Students must apply online by March 31, 2021.

William J. Wolf Memorial Scholarship Fund

 Seniors that are of the Lutheran denomination are invited to view the information on the William J. Wolf Memorial Scholarship Fund (The Pittsburgh Foundation). This renewable award is up to $17,000 ov34 4 years.    Students must apply online at http://www.pittsburghfoundation.org/scholarship/1631 Applications are due by March 31, 2021

William C. Comptaro, Laura E.Elden and Francis T. Lewis Educational Fund

 Seniors with a GPA of 2.0  that plan to attend college or an accredited career , trade or technical school a 2 or 4 year college or university and who demonstrate financial need are invited to apply for the Comptaro, Elden and Lewis Educational Fund (The Pittsburgh Foundation) scholarship through the Pittsburgh Foundation.   Students must apply online at https://pittsburghfoundation.org/scholarship/1853   The deadline for Application is March 31, 2021.

Oliver L. Johnson and William A. Lester Families Fund

A new offering for African American students who plan to attend a two or four year college or university has arrived from The Pittsburgh Foundation.   Students must have a 2.5 GPA .  Students must apply for this $4,500 award at https://www.pittsburghfoundation.org/scholarship/2231   The deadline for application is March 31, 2021.

Anna N. Dosen Serbian Educational Fund

 Seniors that are of Serbian ethnicity are invited to view the information on the Anna N. Dosen Serbian Educational Fund.  Those seniors that are pursuing a major in Engineering or Health Sciences at a four or two year college or university should apply online at https://www.pittsburghfoundation.org/scholarship/2151 Deadline is March 31,2021

Melville Alexander Eberhardt Memorial Fund

This scholarship is for worthy and deserving high school graduating seniors who demonstrate financial need, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, plan to attend a vo-tech or technical trade school or 2 or 4 year college or university.  Students must apply online at https://pittsburghfoundation.org/scholarship/2278 by March 31, 2021 for information on this $4,000 award.

Pennsylvania School Counselors Association Scholarship Essay Competition

Pennsylvania School Counselors Association 2021 Scholarship Essay Competition
You could win a $1,000 scholarship.  April 2, 2021 deadline.
How Has A School Counselor Made A Difference in Your Academic, Career, and/or Social/Emotional Development? Please submit a one (1) page essay of no more than 500 words (single spaced, double spaced between paragraphs) about a School Counselor who has made a difference in your academic, career and/or social/emotional development. The essay may focus on a current or previous school counselor. The School Counselor about whom you are writing must be a certified School Counselor, currently employed as such in Pennsylvania.  
PSCSA 2021 Scholarhip Competition.pdf Scholarship Application 

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

      Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation   Learn More  The College Board partners with scholarship providers connected to the SAT®, PSAT/NMSQT®, and PSAT™ 10. Through these partners, students can access over $300 million in scholarship awards. Learn more about scholarships.  The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships to the children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen attending post–high school, undergraduate, and career technical education programs.  The foundation is the nation's oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military families, and their mission is to provide scholarship support to every eligible child of a Marine or Navy Corpsmen. .  Their scholarships are for students currently pursuing, or planning to pursue, an undergraduate degree or career-focused program. Scholarship awards are need-based  The scholarship application for the 2020-2021 academic year opened on January 1, 2021, and will close on March 2, 2021. For more information on eligibility or to apply, go to  https://mcsf.org/apply. Thank you for helping connect students with this opportunity. Email [email protected] with questions, or call 866-496-5462.   

Georges Lieber Essay Contest on Resistance - Gettysburg College

George Lieber, at the age of 16, prided himself on beingpart of the French resistance. Perhaps because of that involvement, he and his family  were identified and taken by the Nazis, and on July 3, 1944, Georges was deported to Auschwitz, where he was murdered. To make a blessing of Georges Liber's memory, please articulate an issue on or of resistance that you have encountered and analyze what it has taught you about resistance and yourself. Note that the most engaging essays often reflect deply on a particularly meaningful experience or episode in one's life. 
Essay contest is available to any high school student grade 9-12. Top prize is $1,000. For more information check out this website:  The deadline is for submissions is March 29, 2021.https://www.gettysburg.edu/academic-programs/interdisciplinary-studies/programs/judaic-studies/georges-leiber-essay-contest


This scholarship is administered by TJ Arts. The MARGIE LIBERATI MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP  is offered to a graduating senior from Thomas Jefferson High School who loves music and wants to study it in college. On behalf of the Liberati family, TJ Arts will award the $1,000 scholarship to a senior who will study vocal performance, instrumental music, musical theater, music production, music composition, music education or another music-related major at the collegiate level. Candidates for this scholarship must enroll in an eligible educational institution in pursuit of further training in some aspect of music.This $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a senior who intends to pursue some aspect of music in http://www.tj-arts.org/margie-liberati-memorial-music-scholarship/  Deadline is April 12

Delventhal Law Scholarship

This scholarship is available to all high school seniors and current college students who are planning on entering the law field. We understand how difficult it can be to pay for college and law school, and we want to help someone afford a better education

Here are some brief notes on this scholarship:

$1,000 (One-time award)
Due April 15, 2021
Must be attending a 4-yr college/university or 2-yr community college for Fall 2021
Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted

 If interested, you can view the scholarship and other pertinent information here:

Army Minuteman Scholarship

The U.S. Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarship was introduced in 2015 to enhance the Army Reserve's ability to recruit highly qualified cadets every year. All qualified applicants for ROTC scholarships may apply for consideration for the 4-year Minuteman Scholarship. Each Army Reserve major subordinate command (MSC) had the ability to award four Minuteman Scholarships per year. 

The Minuteman Scholarship covers full tuition and fees (uncapped) or $10,000 per year toward room and board at any college or university served by an Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) program. Scholarship recipients also receive a yearly book allowance of $1,200 and a monthly stipend from $300 to $500 while attending the school depending on their year inn the ROTC Program. 

For more information on the Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarship, visit usar.army.mil/MinutemanScholarship or contact 
SFC Soto, Carlos
Station Commander
South Hills U.S. Army Career Center
[email protected] 

TJ Class of '75 Scholarship

The Thomas Jefferson High School Class of 1975 is sponsoring a $1,000 scholarship for a current TJ senior. Applications are available through the Pittsburgh Foundation at: https://pittsburghfoundation.org/scholarship/10841

The deadline for this scholarship is March 15th. 


  • Attend Thomas Jefferson High School as a graduating senior.
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  • Plan to attend a 2-or 4-year college or university OR an accredited vocational or technical trade school as a full-time student.


  • Complete the application here: TJ Class of '75 Scholarship Page.
  • Complete the essay section of the application.
  • Submit your Student Aid Report (SAR). If you have not already received your SAR, you can do so by applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Submit one letter of reference from an employer, supervisor from a volunteer experience, a local faith community or a teacher or guidance counselor.
  • Submit your unofficial transcripts.


Must be 14 years of age or older at time of application. Submit an online written response to the question: "Summer and ice cream go hand-in-hand.   In fact, July is National Ice Cream Month, and that's the inspiration behind this award.  We think people are vey similar to ice cream; some are nutty, others a little exotic, while some are very comforting.  If you were an ice cream flavor, which would you be and why?"  (250 words or less)Deadline is July 31, 2021
Click on link for more informationFlavor of the month award

Lightbown Family Scholarship Fund-The Pittsburgh Foundation

The Lightbown Family Scholarship opportunity is offered to seniors pursuing a 2 or 4 year continuing education in a career or degree in Education with a  GPA of 2.0 or greater.  Preference will be given to female applicants.  Click on LIghtbown Family Scholarship deadline is 3/31/2021

Jewish Scholarship Service of Greater Pittsburgh

Applications for need-based college scholarships for the 2021-2022 school year are available from the Jewish Scholarship Service of Greater Pittsburgh (JSS) of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.  This program is administered by Jewish Family and Community Services. The funds are made available through the generosity of families who have established endowments through the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, Jewish Community Center, National Council of Jewish Women, Jewish Women International of Pittsburgh (formerly B'nai B'rith Women), The Pittsburgh Foundation, and Rodef Shalom Congregation.
All awards are distributed on the basis of demonstrated financial need.   Depending on the scholarship fund, other factors such as academic achievement, field of study, school attending, and Jewish and general community involvement will also be considered. In addition, the applicant must be Jewish, reside in Allegheny, Westmoreland, Beaver, Butler or Washington County for at least two years, and need financial assistance to attend an accredited institution of higher education.
We would appreciate your assistance in aiding local students by publishing an announcement about the work of the Jewish Scholarship Service committee. The 2021-2022 JSS online application is available at jfcspgh.org/scholarships.  All applications are due March 2, 2021
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (412) 422-5627 or email me at [email protected] 

EQUAL- Scholarship for students experiencing homelessness

EQUAL - homeless scholarships opportunities for students 16 years of age and no older than 23 in your last year of high school. If you are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity as defined under the McKinny-Vento Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program(MV). 2.0 gpa, on target to graduate in 2021 and are planning to enroll in an  educational facility and not have been a previous EQUAL scholarship winner.  If interested click on the link at the beginning.  Deadline is March 31, 2021 

Perryman Family Foundation Scholarship

The Perryman Family Foundation is a local scholarship! The deadline is March 30th. You could be eligible for up to $25,000. They're looking to award 8-10 scholarships this spring!

Quick Facts:
Applications Dates: February 1st - March 30th
How to Apply: Online through our website
Website: https://perrymanfoundation.org
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 724-503-5060
College Majors: Engineering, Math, Metals, Technology
Trade School Programs: Welding, Machine Shop, Mechatronics (or similar), Networking, Automation, or a technology based program.
Award Range: $5,000 - $25,000, renewable up to 5 years
Requirements: 3.0 GPA, within 150 miles of Houston, PA, video, essay

Full list of requirements:

We are a scholarship foundation, based south of Pittsburgh, that is dedicated to rewarding hard-working students pursuing post-secondary education and who hope to apply their education to make a difference in the world.  In our 6th year of operation we currently support 31 scholarship students and are hoping to add an additional 8-10 scholars in 2021.  Our GPA requirement is a 3.0 and we strive look beyond grade point averages and traditional activities to reward motivation. 

Scholarship Information for Black Students

The team at Study.com believes that everyone should be able to afford to pursue a college education. In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to reaffirm our goal of making education accessible for everyone by highlighting our recently updated Financial Aid and Scholarship Guide for Black Students which offers in-depth information in several areas, including:

  • Changes to FAFSA and financial aid as well as financial relief for HBCUs resulting from the new COVID-19 stimulus bill
  • Information on finding and applying for scholarships with a list of scholarships for black students
  • Information on HBCUs and why they're important, and scholarships for those looking to attend an HBCU
  • Organizations and resources that are helpful for Black students and students of color
  • Information on Apple’s new $25 million investment in resources and scholarships for students at HBCUs

Western PA Trial Lawyers

The Western PA Trial Lawyers Association scholarship will be awarded to 3 students in Western PA. Any student interested in being considered for the scholarship should submit look at the rules here: Western PA Trial Lawyers Scholarship Rules.pdf and the facts of the case here: Western PA Trial Lawyers Prompt 2021.pdf

Students should submit their responses to Mr. Kilcoyne at [email protected] no later than March 19, 2021 following the guidelines outlines in the rules document. One school winner will then be sent to the competition committee.

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact Mr. Kilcoyne.

SPARK College Scholarship

The S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation College Scholarship Committee encourages applications from all high school students in their senior year whose intended major is in an area of the sciences and who are in need of financial assistance.  The committee also considers scholastic achievement, academic promise and science related extracurricular activities in addition to financial need.

The Foundation can award up to six $1,000 scholarships, and the scholarship check will be sent directly to the college or university of the recipient.

The program of study should be full time (2-year or 4-year) and one which will result in a degree or diploma.  The Committee relies on the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in the application in order to choose recipients each year. Both the student and the parent(s) should carefully review the application for accuracy and sign where indicated.

Please send your application by April 8 of the year in which you will enter your first year of college. You will be notified of the committee’s decision by mid-June of that year.

the PT& J Scholarship is for students who have experienced personal challenges that may not have allowed them to perform well academically, but who still have the drive to succeed.  Examples of personal challenges include, but are not limited to:

*medical issues
*Peer issues:  bullying, change of school, minority status, etc.
*family issues" divorce, death, lack of income, homelessness, foster care, abuse, etc.
When in doubt, students are encouraged to apply; this scholarship is meant to be inclusive
Deadline:  5/31/2021
Amount:  $500-$1,000

Tuition Funding Sources

Tuition Funding Sourcesis a national website that allows you to enter criteria and learn about different scholarships for which you might be eligible.Tuition Funding Sources

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