Voice Recognition

Scheduling/Course Selection

Program of Studies

Program Of Studies 2024-2025 Final - Learn more about the courses that are offered with video descriptions of each course. Career cluster information is included and recommended courses within each career cluster can help guide scheduling options. 

Skyward Scheduling Walk Through


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Override Form

 Students and families that choose to override a teacher recommendation will have to complete this form and attend a meeting with administration. Override 2425

Steel Center Information

Any student who wants to attend Steel Center next year should apply by March 31st on the Steel Center website: Steel Center Application.

Students already enrolled at Steel Center do not need to re-apply.

Applying for Steel Center does not guarantee placement into Steel Center. Students can select the Steel Center program they are applying to in their Skyward schedule, but it is very important to also choose alternate courses as not all of our students who apply to Steel Center will be accepted there.

Notification of acceptance into Steel Center will be sent to you directly in April or May.