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Ch. 2 Solving Equations (2nd Ch. 2 Test due by Wed. Oct. 28th)
If you would like to take a 2nd Ch. 2 Test, you will need to do the following:
Make corrections to your test on a separate sheet of paper.
Turn your corrections in to me no later than Wed. Oct. 28th. (or stay after school to go over your mistakes)
Complete and turn in additional assignment, if needed.
Schedule with me to take the 2nd Test during a study hall or after school.
Helpful Videos can be accessed online using your book site or Kahn Academy.
MathXL - You may also complete additional guided practice problems online using your book site.
Ch. 1 Foundations for Algebra  (2nd Ch.1 Test Due by Oct. 14th)
You MUST be logged on to your book to access the link below.
To access the videos, go under student resources and click on Ch. 1, then homework video tutors.  Watch all the videos then complete and turn in the assignment.  You may then take a 2nd Ch. 1 Test during a study hall or after school.