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Mrs. Matta

About me:  
I have been a science teacher at TJHS since 2002.  I have taught physical science, applied chemistry, academic chemistry, and AP chemistry.  I have also mentored students participation in PJAS from 1999-2010.  Before coming to TJHS, I taught for two years at Seton LaSalle High School and worked as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Pittsburgh from 1995-1999 under Dr. Michael Golde.  I have a BS in Chemistry and my secondary science teaching certification, both from the University of Pittsburgh.  Besides my love of chemistry and teaching, I am a mom of 2, an avid baker, and serious scrapbooker. 
Contact me:   [email protected]   412-655-8610 x 6288
Current Courses: 
AP Chemistry
Academic Chemistry
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 Link to wikispace:   http://mrsmatta.wikispaces.com/