Voice Recognition
Fifth grade girls holding thank you signs in car parade
fifth grade girl waving goodbye to teacher in car parade
Thomas Jefferson High School exterior with two graduates in cap and gowns
Graduate in the back of convertible waving
Senior Diploma Distribution Car Event
NAACP State President with TJHS Students
Table of First graders working on a math puzzle
McClellan students sitting on floor with their kind shirts on
teacher reading students a story
TJHS Senior accepting Scholarship Award Check from CAL U
Group photo of TJ High school staff in the Kind Kid t shirts
First graders dressed up as 100 years old
Student Athletes on signing day
Group of high school best buddy club members
Kindergarten students holding 100 day masks to their face
kindergarten students working at desks
kindergarten students coloring
two girls holding thank you veterans signs
Actors in Fall Play final bow

Special Education

This is a Test

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