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Article: TJHS Annual Fall Play Goes Virtual

TJHS Annual Fall Play Goes Virtual

Due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, the school is taking precautions in regards to everyone’s safety. Tipton, the fall play director, has decided to pre-record the shows and share the performances online, allowing people to watch from the comfort of their home while staying safe. The students will still perform in the high school auditorium. Although a live audience will not be present, online monetary donations will be accepted and appreciated in support of the theater department. 

The first one act is set on a dock and aptly titled “Our Place” written by Terry Gabbard.  Melancholy characters along with comedic characters are involved throughout the play, shifting from drama to comedy. Familiar faces of TJ theater will be featured in this play, some of them acting out their final scenes as a senior. 

Following “Our Place” is the one-act show titled “Ghosts in the Machine” by Eric Coble. Consisting of seven teenagers, the play takes a dramatic turn when the teens start receiving strange messages on their smartphones. Similar to the first one-act, this play is cast with talented, experienced faces of TJ theater. “Ghosts in the Machine” is a forty-minute long tale of suspense and discovery, appropriate for a middle school audience and older. 

Tipton is gifted at directing fall plays, and her hard work is not slowing down this year. In the midst of preparation for opening night, Tipton stated that she thinks the audience is going to witness some “great acting,” and she believes that these productions feature “much more realistic and powerful acting” compared to years past. 

A special thanks is extended to the Introduction to Public Relations class, instructed by English and Communications teacher Lauren Kaszonyi, for assisting with the fall play publicity. 

For additional information on this event, contact Julie Tipton, Fall Play Director, at [email protected] For updates on the drama department, follow the TJHS theater account @TJDramaITS. Don’t miss out on the chance to be captured by the talent of the drama students at Thomas Jefferson High School.