West Jefferson Hills School District announces the release of Single Sign-on for the Parent Portal of PowerSchool!

On the afternoon of October 26, we will enable "Parent Single Sign-on" in Power School.  We are adding this feature as a convenience for parents/guardians with more than one student login account.  Also, we need to enable this feature so that the PowerSchool app can be used on mobile devices.  Once this feature is enabled, ALL parents/guardians must create a new account!  This process should only take a few minutes.  We will be glad to offer assistance if needed.

The Parent Single Sign-on feature will allow parents/guardians to have one login to access information for multiple students for whom they have legal/parental rights.  Each parent can have a unique login, providing they are using a unique e-mail address for each account.  Users will also be able to auto-recover their login information if they have forgotten their username and/or password.  This new feature is available only for parents/guardians.  Students will continue to login using their current ID and password.  The only difference for students is the appearance of the login page.

Once this new feature has been enabled, you will no longer be able to log directly into PowerSchool using your current username and password.  You will need to create a new account using the directions provided below.  Once you have created a new account, you will need to link your child/children's records to your new account.  You will also need to set up your e-mail notifications once again for each student.  In order to complete this process, you will need your PowerSchool parent access ID and password for each student.  The PowerSchool parent access ID and password is the same username and password that you have used to sign onto the Parent portal in the past.  If you have forgotten or lost this information, please contact your school and a letter with this information will be mailed to your address as reported in PowerSchool.


*Previous usernames and passwords are required for account creation, but they will not allow you to login directly.

*When creating the account, you must enter the parent username and password.  Not the student username and password.

*If you have lost/forgotten your parent username and password, or if you are having trouble creating your account, please call your school and provide them with this information along with your name and child's name.  You will be contacted with the information/help that you need to complete this process.

*Students will continue to use their current username and password, however the login page will have a different look.

*All usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.  

*You can click on the appropriate box below to either receive directions on how to "Create an Account" or to "Logon to PowerSchool."