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This spreadsheet has information the scholarships listed below. It can be organized by columns to see upcoming due dates, possible candidate pools, etc.      

Ready to Succeed Scholarship

For the first time this school year, a Ready to Succeed Scholarship Program will be available for college students attending private and public schools in Pennsylvania. The state has allocated $5 million in the budget for the merit-based scholarship, and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) will be administering the program.

To qualify, students must have completed at least one academic year - defined as having earned at least 24 semester credits - have at least a 3.25 GPA and family income cannot exceed $110,000. Students who receive needs-based scholarships are eligible as well. A full-time student can receive up to $2,000 and part-time students can get up to $1,000. The minimum award is $500. The scholarship can be used toward tuition, books, living expenses, fees or supplies.

PHEAA will forward the colleges and universities a roster of students who qualify for the grants based on income, and it will be up to the schools to certify a student’s academic eligibility. Colleges are able to start nominating students now and applications will need to be submitted by September 15th. The state will notify students between mid-October and November if they have received an award.

There is no limit for how many students a school can nominate and awards will be given out on a first come, first served basis. In Pennsylvania, with nearly 700,000 college students, PHEAA estimates tens of thousands of students will qualify for these grants, but expects about 3,600 students will actually receive an award based on the low state allocation for this program.

Students should be doing everything possible to lower their college debt and I am pleased the Commonwealth has introduced another resource for those looking to continue their education after high school. Oftentimes, middle income students do not qualify for state grants because there are other students in more financially desperate situations. The Ready to Succeed Scholarships offer these middle income students a new opportunity for financial freedom.

To learn more about if you are eligible for one of these scholarships or how to apply, please contact your college or university’s Financial Aid Office.

Big Sun Scholarship

The Big Sun Scholarship is offering a scholarship to help young athletes in their academic pursuits.  The successful candidate must be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute and currently involved in some sport.   The individual award is $500.  Check out the scholarship binder in the Guidance Office or http://www.bigsunathletics.com/ The deadline is June 19, 2019.

Firevest Scholarships

The Allegheny County Fire Volunteer Education, Service and Training Scholarship Program (FireVest) will again be accepting applications for 200 full scholarships for an associates degree or certificate program at CCAC.   Applicants must be a current member in good standing of an eligible volunteer fire company.  Information is available at https://www.ccac.edu/FireVEST_Scholarship_Program.aspx as well as the scholarship binder.  Annual application deadlines are November 15 (fall) term and May 15 (spring term).

Redfin Scholarship

Scholarship Details

This $2,500 scholarship is a way for Redfin to help one student on his or her journey through higher education. 


The Pearce Law Firm - Aspiring Pennsylvania Attorneys Scholarship

The Pearce Law Firm - Aspiring Pennsylvania Attorneys Scholarship is open to high school students in the State of PA who have been accepted to a college or university and have aspirations of attending law school after college.   The Scholarship is a one-time award worth $1,500 .  Applications  must be submitted, in full, by May 31, 2019, online.   A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.   Information is available in the Scholarship Binder in the Guidance Office or at http://thepearcelawfirm.com/aspiring-scholarship

Pittsburgh Foundation

The Pittsburgh Foundation has a tremendous website that serves as a portal for a large number of scholarships offered to Allegheny county residents. This site is HIGHLY recommended. Create an account and see which scholarships are available to you and apply right through the website.
When you create an account you will see a list of scholarships available to you.

B. Davis Scholarship

Information has been received for the B. Davis Scholarship.   This is a $1,000 scholarship for high school juniors and seniors as well as students currently registered in any post secondary institution.   Applicants must write an essay of less than 1,000 words on a specific topic.   For more information, see the scholarship binder in the Guidance Office or at http://www.studentawardsearch.com/scholarships.htm    The deadline for application is May 24, 2019.

Edgar Snyder Words To Be Heard Scholarship

Edgar Snyder and Associates will holds its 12th Annual "Words to Be Heard" scholarship contest offering a $10,000 scholarship to a graduating high school senior in Western Pennsylvania.   The second place winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship and one third place winner will receive a $2,500 scholarship.   Applicants must submit a completed application and a presentation.   The deadline for this scholarship is April 26, 2019.     Information is available in the Scholarship Binder in the Guidance Office or at https://www.edgarsnyder.com/pdf/scholarship-application.pdf

Josh Gibson Foundation Scholarship

The 2019 Josh Gibson Foundation Scholarship Application is now open.   The required qualifications are as follows:   12th grade student currently enrolled in high school; minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average; minimum of two volunteer activities in community service (letter of verification must be provided); write and and submit a 500-word essay about the history of the Negro Baseball League; and provide a school faculty member recommendation.   The deadline for the application is May 3, 2019.   Applications are available in the Scholarship Binder in the Guidance Office or at http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/ba1b55_fe1dfea3ea324b2dbd3cc92321d2b0ff.pdf

Passavant Memorial Homes Foundation Community Service Scholarship in memory of Jamie Ellenberger

The Passavant Memorial Homes Foundation Community Service Scholarship in memory of  Jamie Ellenberger is now open.    Scholarships are being offered to high school Seniors planning on attending an accredited two or four year post high school education program.   This is a $10,000 scholarship specific to the greater Pittsburgh region. Applications are available in the Scholarship Binder in the Guidance Office or at Passavant Ellenberger Scholarship  Applications must be received by April 26th. Should send out no later than April 23rd. 

PA Free Enterprise Week 2019

The Foundation for Free Enterprise Education is pleased to announce PA Free Enterprise Week.   Sophomores and Juniors who are interested in receiving "hands-on" experience with running a company or designing an advertising campaign can take advantage of this free opportunity this summer.     Applications are available in the summer binder in the Guidance Office or at https://www.pfew.org/student_application.php  The final application deadline is May 1st.  Please see Mr. Kilcoyne with any questions.

The Three Rivers Desk and Derrick Scholarship Program

The Three Rivers Desk and Derrick Scholarship Program is awarding three $500 Scholarships to students seeking to further their education by either enrolling in a college or university in an energy-related discipline or enrolling in an accredited Trade or Vocational Institution which offers industry-related training and skills.   Application information is available in the Scholarship Binder in the Guidance Office or at  https://sites.google.com/site/threeriversdeskderrick/calendar/scholarships  The deadline for application is May 31, 2019. 

Beulah Frey Audobon Society

The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania is announcing the Beulah Frey Environmental Scholarship  for 2019.  This $2,500 scholarship is  available to a high school senior applying to a two or four year colleges/universities for the 2019 academic year to further their studies in environmentally-related fields.   Payment is contingent upon entrance into a qualifying program of study.   The deadline for application is May 3, 2019.  Information is available in the Scholarship Binder in the Guidance Office or at http://www.aswp.org/pages/awards

PMAHCC Foundation Scholarship Program

The Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation is offering scholarships in the amount of $1,000 to $2,000.  Students must have at least one parent or grandparent of Hispanic ancestry, demonstrate financial need, have a minimum GPA of 3.0,  be accepted into a post-high school educational institution, and write an essay.

Applications:  http://pmahcc.org/resources/Documents/Scholarships/2019%20Scholarship/2019%20PMAHCC%20Foundation%20Scholarship%20Aplication.pdf Deadline for application is April 30, 2019.

The Brian Bauer Memorial Scholarship

The Brian Bauer Memorial Scholarship will award one Thomas Jefferson senior $1,000 for post-secondary education costs.   This scholarship honors Brian's legacy by helping to inspire students to realize their full potential in college.   While Brian was both an exceptional student and fantastic sportsman, he was, more importantly, an amazing person.  The purpose of the Brian Bauer Memorial Scholarship is to provide financial aid to deserving students who excel scholastically and at athletic competition.   Applications area available in the Scholarship Binder in the Guidance Office and at http://filecabinet5.eschoolview.com/578D9548-B069-4F1A-A6B8-94360F1A70EB/19bauer.pdf
Completed applications are to be returned to Mr. Kilcoyne by Friday, May 3, 2019.

Horatio Alger National Career and Technical Scholarship Program

Seniors who plan to enroll and complete a career or technical program at a community college are encourages to apply for the Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship.   The Association will award 1.020 scholarships with a maximum amount of $2,500 depending on the length of the program.   Students must have financial need and have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity.   Students must apply online at  http://application.horatioalger.org/.   The deadline for application is June 15th.

Worgul Law Firm Scholarship

The Worgul Law Firm Scholarship in the amount of $5,000 is now available.   Students must be accepted to or currently enrolled in a college, university or graduate school across the United States, maintain a 3.0 or higher, and have demonstrated outstanding service to the community, high initiative to further their education and a strong academic performance.   Information and the application are available at https://www.pittsburghcriminalattorney.com/worgul-law-firm-scholarship-application/   Applications must be received by May 31. 2019.

Kyle S. Liebold Memorial Scholarship

Kyle Liebold's loving family is sponsoring a scholarship in his memory. The Kyle S. Liebold Scholarship is offered to a graduating TJ senior who is a current member of the Thomas Jefferson Band (2+ years) enrolling inn post-secondary education/training. A successful applicant must have completed community service. The $500 scholarship will be awarded towards the winner's post-secondary costs. Applications are due to the TJ Counseling Office by May 10, 2019. Applications are available from Mr. Mirabella, Mr. Kilcoyne, or online here: http://filecabinet5.eschoolview.com/578D9548-B069-4F1A-A6B8-94360F1A70EB/2019lieboldscholarship.docx

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship

Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants are offering a $1,000 scholarship for an essay on the following topic for Juniors and Seniors: describe your educational career and life goals.   Explain your plan for achieving these goals.   Include your degree/major, why you selected it, and how this degree/major will help you achieve your goals.   The essay should be between 500 and 1000 words.   The submission must be sent by email at:   scholarships at abbottandfenner.com by June 14, 2019. 

ROTC Scholarships

ROTC Scholarships are awarded to students through either the Army, Air Force, or Navy.  Students receive full-tuition scholarships in exchange for an 8 year committment (4 of which during college) to a specific branch. Certain schools and programs are eligible for ROTC scholarships.


  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be between the ages of 17 and 26
  • Have a high school GPA of at least 2.50
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Score a minimum of 1000 on the SAT (math/verbal) or 19 on the ACT (excluding the required writing test scores)
  • Meet physical standards
  • Agree to accept a commission and serve in the Army on Active Duty or in a Reserve Component (Army Reserve or Army National Guard)

College Board Opportunity Scholarship

CollegeBoard is offering opportunity scholarships. Learn more here: https://opportunity.collegeboard.org/ The more effort you put in, the more opportunities you have to earn a scholarship. Complete all six, and you’re eligible to earn $40,000. Scholarships will be awarded through monthly drawings to students who complete each action.
  1. 1. Build Your College List: $500

    Get started by exploring colleges you're interested in. 

    Learn More
  2. 2. Practice for the SAT: $1,000

    Use Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® to get ready for test day. 

    Learn More
  3. 3. Improve Your Score: $2,000

    Show how practice pays off by improving your SAT score. 

    Learn More
  4. 4. Strengthen Your College List: $500

    Make sure your college list has a mix of academic safety, fit, and reach schools. 

    Learn More
  5. 5. Complete the FAFSA: $1,000

    Fill out the free government form to apply for financial aid. 

    Learn More
  6. 6. Apply to Colleges: $1,000

    Apply to the schools you want to attend. 

    Learn More
  7. Complete Your Journey: $40,000

    Complete all six scholarship steps to be eligible for a $40,000 scholarship. 

    Learn More

Imagine America Foundation Scholarship

The Imagine America Foundation is offering a $1,000 scholarship to students pursuing post-secondary education at career colleges across the United States.   Each year, every high school may select five graduating seniors to receive the $1,000 scholarship.   If interested please apply online at https://www.imagine-america.org/students/scholarships-education/highschoolscholarships/ 
Current Seniors have until December 31st to apply.   High school graduates of the next year can start applying on January 1st.

The Carl A. Bongiovanni Scholarship

 Attention Seniors:  This scholarship is to provide a student with funding for their education in the building/construction trades at an approved vocational or career technical school in Pennsylvania.   The scholarship is worth $1,000/year for as long as the student is enrolled in the program (maximum of three years).  The applicant must have a 2.5 GPA or better and maintain this GPA during the duration of the scholarship--see http://filecabinet5.eschoolview.com/578D9548-B069-4F1A-A6B8-94360F1A70EB/19Bongiovanni.pdf The deadline for the application is April 26th.
Updated 3.22.2019

Tuition Funding Sources

This is a national website that allows you to enter criteria and learn about different scholarships for which you might be eligible.

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(Tip - Don’t be afraid to apply for scholarships that require essays!  Too often students don’t want to write essays, so there ends up being a ton of money left on the table for those scholarships that require essays!)
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